Sickle Cell Warrier

Jean Millet

Soon after my birth in a village in Africa some 62 years ago, I was constantly ill to the point where, they thought I will not survive my early childhood days. At that time, in my little village there was no medical facilities, so it was impossible to know what was wrong with me. I was told that I would cry constantly to the point that my mother didn’t know what to do with me. It came to a point where people suggested that I should be handed to fetishism to finish me off. As I was growing up I spent two third of my school days at home with constant pain episodes. The only remedy I had was my mum robbing my whole joints with pepper and ginger paste, and sat me in the sun. At the age of 23, I migrated to France where I finally discovered that I have sickle cell disease. In 1984 I had and operation in both eyes for retinal vein occlusion, and later continued with laser treatment for years. In 2012, I suffered a stroke that got me hospitalized for a long time. On January 29th 2015, I had a hemicolectomy surgery to remove a third of my large intestine (colon). In total there were 29 lymph nodes harvested, luckily they were all harmless. The question remains how did that happen? Is it because of the short life span of my blood cells? I do not know. But I’m happy to be AROUND! the journey has not been easy…