Zambia Team

Margaret Chalungumana

Mrs Margaret Chalunguma is an entrepreneur, Creative Director of Awesome Decor and Events Management. She is also a Property Developer at Lago Sul Resources Ltd Managing Partner – Haven Luxury Apartments. Maggie is Passionate about helping the less privileged in Society and current she serves as a Chairperson for Lusaka Ladies Circle No.4. Maggie is a mother to three beautiful children. Maggie has been a support over the years to Agnes and Family over the years when they were going through the illness of their daughter who had Sickle Cell Anaemia. Her hobbies include traveling, Cooking, helping the underprivileged in Society. Maggie Business Management.

for primary nurses. They  have also taken the cause  to the Australian Parliament asking for better services for people affected by SCD.

Her goal is to support SCD programs and initiatives that enhance the lives of people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
She speaks two of the seven Zambian local languages, Bemba and Nyanja.